Can the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) deliver the common African market? 

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Date  Thurs, 07 December | 17h30 - 19h00 SAST (GMT+2 / EST+7)

Cost  FREE

Location  Online via Zoom

The African Union’s theme for 2023 is “Acceleration of AfCFTA implementation” and the first mandatory five-year review of the AfCFTA is scheduled for 2024. The AfCFTA is billed as a game changer with so much promise and high expectations from the people of Africa. The pathway forward and the key next steps are key priorities, particularly how to consolidate the AfCFTA into the common African market with free movement of goods, services, people, and investment for socio-economic transformation – the ultimate African dream.
Our experts discuss the state of play of the AfCFTA and the challenges in achieving a common African market. While agreements are in place to cover the movement of goods, services, people, and investment, we need to consider the pathways to implement these various protocols to make One African Market on the continent a reality.  


Our hosts will ask our speakers to weigh in on key questions including:

  • Is trade happening under the AfCFTA rules, procedures and documents, and do we see pathways to free movement of goods and a common customs law?

  • How should we deal with the geopolitics and political economy of establishing a continental common external tariff?

  • Crossing Africa's borders and entering other countries can be a nightmare for African passport holders.  Nevertheless, economic integration promises free movement of people, without which the people will not enjoy many other benefits from the AfCFTA. What is the real problem and what are some of the promising pathways forward to free movement of people at last?

  • Economic development largely happens by introducing new products and industries into the economy. Given the overarching goals of boosting intra-Africa trade in goods and services, and industrialisation, what would an appropriate innovation ecosystem be to spur rapid social and economic transformation? Are Africa’s partners supporting such programmes?

  • Can AfCFTA deliver the envisioned common market for the continent? 

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